On Narrative Authentication

Since January 3rd (Friday) I’ve been getting notices about our NSPW 2013 paper on narrative authentication. This is a bit unusual since this paper was a position paper, not a full research paper. In other words, it is highly speculative. There was some real work behind it, specifically Carson Brown’s Master’s thesis (this is the source of the example in the paper). The paper, however, speculates about how systems that could truly understand and generate narratives could be used for authentication purposes.

If you are interested in these ideas please go and read the paper and, if inspired, go and build something! Neither me nor my co-authors, David Mould and Carson Brown, are currently working on this line of research so there is no chance we’ll step on your toes. Having said that, if anyone is really interested in developing narrative authentication systems, please let me know, I’d love to collaborate!