Going Beyond Social

Today Google announced their Google+ initiative, their latest attempt to address the “social” phenomenon that is currently dominated by Facebook.  To the various observations being made across the Internet, I just wanted to add a small thought.

Humans evolved to socialize in relatively small groups – 200-300 is what I’ve heard.  Social media makes it oh so easy to interact with many, many more than this.  While connecting online with every person you’ve ever met might sound like a good idea, most of us quickly realize that we really cannot handle this level of social interaction.

I am currently connected with so many people on Facebook that I’d love to talk for hours with.  I have been blessed by having known many very interesting, good people in my life.  But the fact that I can interact with so many of them now just makes me shudder.  I simply don’t have the time!  And even just trying to keep up with their status updates is too much. As our online connectivity increases, I think we all are going to experience this social information overload.

Google is giving us a better Facebook.  What we need, though, is a cure to social information overload.